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Fantasy Role-Play can be intimidating, but Faithful Fling is here to relieve the stress and focus on the fun.

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What is Faithful Fling?

What is Faithful Fling?

Faithful Fling is a membership website that creates exciting, fun, and surprise filled fantasy role-play dates for you and your spouse to enjoy together. We help you spice up your marriage and improve your sex life! 

What is a “Fling”?

A Faithful “Fling” is simply acting out the provided role-play date scenario with your spouse!

Who is Faithful Fling for?

Faithful Fling is for a committed couple who wants a fun, vibrant, and exciting sex life. Anyone looking to take out the old routine and add some wonder, intrigue, and adventure.

What are Special Occassion Flings?

All of our Special Occasion Flings offer the same fun and excitement as any of our monthly Flings. Think vacations, birthdays, and holidays from New Year’s to Valentine’s! Purchase these flings, on a special occasion or regular night in, for only $10!

What is included in a FaithfulFling membership?

Besides more fun, flirting, foreplay and dates? Enjoy all of these benefits:


One New Fling Every 30 Days


Extensive Character Information


Location Ideas For Going Out or Staying In

Links for Extra Purchases Ideas


Checklists and Custom Printables


Email and Texting Templates


Help With Planning Flings


Costume, Prop & Gift ideas 

Tips & Tricks on Staying in Character


Free “Spice it Up” Option in Every Fling



Additional Flings for Only $10


Access to All of Your Past Flings


Why Faithful Fling?

Why do I need Faithful Fling?

A vibrant sex life is so important to a healthy relationship. Our Flings could be just the fun and excitement you need!

Can’t we just role-play ourselves?

Of course you can, BUT being a member means we do all the work so you can have all the fun! Not knowing anything about your spouse’s role can really bring a fantasy to life!

What if we’re too busy for this?

We understand, life gets busy! Faithful Fling is designed to help you thrive in your relationship with only one datenight a month! It’s well worth your effort and time, we promise!

We aren’t married, can we still join?

Yes! Faithful Fling can provide a great time to any monogamous couple!

How do we use Faithful Fling?

How do we use Faithful Fling?

You and your spouse will share one membership.  You will each log-in to our site with separate passwords allowing you to only see your role. This allows for mystery and intrigue, as well as any personal adaptations you would like to make!

When can I view my first Fling?

Instantly! We’ve designed your first Fling to be quickly planned, equal work on each spouse’s part and LOTS of fun! Also browse our Tips, Tricks and Suggestion page, view all of our Special Occasion Flings, and read blog posts about role-playing.

We had the BEST time. How can I buy more Flings?

Confirm your membership is set up. Automatically receive one Fling per month, and purchase Special Occasion Flings at any time!

We got busy, where is last month’s Fling?

Life happens! You have access to all past Flings in your Fling Archive. Use them any time!

Does my spouse see my role in our Flings?

No! Our website will only show you your part. This leaves you a lot of room to create surprises, make any adjustments, and to feel confident during your Fling! As an added feature to our members, we show you exactly what your spouse will see about your role. There will be no confusion OR spoilers!

I want to buy something from a provided link but I am worried my spouse already bought it, help!

Don’t worry, you and your spouse’s role-play instructions are not given any duplicate promptings for purchases or supplies for the same item.

Do we have to buy anything in addition to our membership?

Nothing else required. If you want to spice things up more, we provide links and purchase ideas to help enhance each Fling. We also give ideas on how to use what you already have in your home. Faithful Fling is confident that you will have all the needed information for a steamy, adventurous Fling!

Can you help us role-play?

I’ve never role-played before… Help!

Our best tip of advice for you is CONFIDENCE! Seriously. It’s the sexiest thing you can do for either of you. There’s no wrong way to do role-play! Another tip: The brain is your biggest Sex Organ! Flirt A lot, send a sexy text, write a note, take some pictures. Kindness goes a long way, so don’t forget to do the dishes, bathe the baby, and help each other! We also have an entire section of Tips, Tricks and Suggestions for getting into character once you become a member. You’ve got this!

What is the best way to communicate about our Flings?

Download the free app “Just Between Us”. It’s an awesome, private, couples chat app. No more worries about a sext or racy photo being sent to the wrong person. Been there.

Also, try Designating a small space away from any other eyes, like a small drawer, shoe box, or small portion of an upper closet shelf, for Fling communication. It’s a fun way to find Fling invitations, gifts, and other surprises.

We can’t get out of our house for a Fling, what do we do?

No worries! For each and every Fling we give you suggestions on going out or ways to create an atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.

Why so much prep?

Believe us, any amount of effort will be worth it. You will find the preparation to be like foreplay for your date. Some Flings require a bit more prep work than others.

Who are you?

Are you experts or life coaches?

No! We are not experts, just a relatable, married couple. We want to help other relationships thrive and find that you have the most fun with the person you married!

Why did you start Faithful Fling

We started Faithful Fling because we had so much fun role-playing ourselves! There isn’t anything else out there quite like this and we couldn’t wait to share!

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