We have exciting news!
We’ve added a new concept to Faithful Fling!
Introducing Fringe Dates, sexy and flirty dates for you and your partner to do together, as yourselves!
Role-play helps you alter your routines and let loose from your everyday life, but we know that sometimes you’re feeling extra fun and sexy all on your own! Fringe Datesare perfect for those times! They’re also perfect for couples who like to be themselves on dates, but love to try new ideas and experience sexy surprises. 
Rest assured, you can count on us to provide the same quality suggestions, surprises, twists and turns as we do for our Flings. Fringe Dates will elicit butterflies, sexual tension and leave you wondering what’s coming next!!  
Our first Fringe Date, “Tell Me!” is a fantastic experience with minimal prep work, where the husband takes the lead in a unique way. This Fringe Date is all about recollecting your past, exploring the present and anticipating your future, with a super sexy twist! This is the perfect date to unwind to after a long day, reconnect and throw in some serious spice- like extra spicy!
TELL ME: Introducing the sizzling 🔥“Fringe Date” 🔥 concept where you and your spouse prepare for an exhilarating adventure like never before- AS YOURSELVES! In this sensual date night, the husband takes the lead in an intimate Q&A session to explore your past experiences together, embrace present desires, and ignite passions for the future. As the night unfolds, both partners have steamy surprises waiting to be unveiled, adding excitement to your date. Don’t miss out on this first Fringe Date that promises to rekindle the flames of passion and create unforgettable memories. Get ready to discover, connect, and set your desires free in a night of sensual exploration!🤍
If you love our traditional role-play Flings, don’t worry, we won’t ever stop creating these fabulous dates! You can access our newest Fringe Date and all other Special Occasion Flings after you’ve logged in here, and click Special Flings in the upper righthand corner. Then select Purchase Flings to see all of our Special Occasion Flings that we offer.
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