Confidence is sexy. Compliments breed confidence.

I am often asked what is your best advice you could give someone who wants to try role-playing?

Two simple words:  Confidence and Compliments.

We know that confidence comes from within.  Some internal belief that you are enough, that you are capable, and that you can trust yourself.  That when you challenge yourself to push past limits, that you hold yourself accountable, that you will do the the things that you said you were going to do, and you do it!  Building this strong reputation within yourself is profound and powerful.

Confidence can also look like doing the things that make you feel better and building on that.  Often times if you feel good, you look good!  Take the time to honor what that means to you.  Is it how you dress or do your make-up?  Is it wearing a power suit?  Do you feel more confident when you tighten up your posture and carry yourself STRONG?

“Confidence is the sexiest thing you’ll ever wear.”

Confidence is the best advice I can give you for yourself, and compliments is the best thing that I can tell you to do for your spouse!

Genuine compliments are so important!  They build trust and intimacy.  I suggest you compliment your spouse often and about everything!  

“Nice butt!”  

“I love how sweet you are with our kids.”  

“You looked really nice this morning.” 

Try it now and let this trend of complimenting carry over into your Fling!  You and your spouse are really putting yourselves out there and that can feel really vulnerable.  One way to counter balance that is to compliment.  

“I have never seen a dress look so sexy!”

“You smell amazing!”

“I can’t believe you did this all for me!”

One more small piece of advice… PRAISE IS A GIFT so learn how to accept those compliments!

“Thank you!”

“Right back at you.”

“Your opinion really matters, thank you.”

“I love that you noticed!”

Smile or give them a kiss!

Express your confidence and let those compliments fly my friend!!

Remember, confidence is sexy and compliments breed confidence!