“Routines are great, but they’re not great for sex!”

As humans it is perfectly normal, safe and desirable to enjoy the comfort that having a routine brings to our lives.  Our bodies and minds crave routines and we often perform best when using them.  We are creatures of habits and can be happier, healthier, use our time more efficiently, and stay more organized when we utilize a routine.  

Benefits of routines:

  • Provides structure so you know what to expect.
  • Offers feelings of control and safety.
  • Lends to greater organization.
  • Creates healthy habits.
  • Comfort in knowing how your day will unfold.
  • Helps stave off feelings of uncertainty and chaos.
  • You are free to go through the motions without thinking.

I think we can all agree that these are all wonderful benefits that we all could enjoy in our daily lives but please don’t carry a routine into your sex life where things can start to feel boring, stagnant or repetitive!


Dangers of getting stuck in a routine with your sex life:

  • There is no mystery, intrigue or surprises.
  • You always know what it is going to be like so you can easily fall into the trap of just going through the motions.
  •  It can be boring, predictable, dull and monotonous.
  • Your mind can wonder and not be fully in the moment.
  •  Feelings of resentment can develop.

As our relationships develop and evolve we must ensure we put the time and energy it takes to keep things fresh in the bedroom!  

Try a few of these simple ideas to spice up your sex life:

  • Join Faithful Fling and learn the joys of role-playing!
  • Take the action out of your bedroom and explore other parts of your home.
  • Switch up your typical time of day and day of the week.
  • Keep the lights on!
  • Go on more dates together.
  • Introduce more erotic energy by talking about fantasies and desires.
  • Go to couples coaching to explore new ideas on how to communicate your desires more effectively.
  • Go on a 7 Day Sex Streak…
  • Buy new lingerie and toys.
  • Flirt and send sexy texts or pictures throughout the day.

We encourage you to break-up with your sexual routine and try something new!  Surprise your partner today by joining FaithfulFling and let us help you discuss your desires through role-playing, or by trying any of the other suggestions listed above!  Your relationship is worth it!!