Role-playing and the art of sexual tension.

Did you know role-playing with your spouse is a natural way to re-introduce sexual tension in your marriage?  

What do we mean by sexual tension?  

Sexual tension is the feeling of excitement like when you were first dating.  The butterflies and rush of emotions when you see your love again.  Near obsession with spending all your time with them.  Recognizing that you found your person and loving everything about them. 

These feelings are priceless, but they can fade.  You find a routine and can stop noticing all the small things about your spouse that makes them unique and special to you.

Get out of your routine, plan your Fling and build some sexual tension today!  

Experience excitement as you read all details about your Fling and the anticipation of the arrival of any purchases you may have made.  You will enjoy the act of getting ready as your new character and changing up your appearance.  You will feel sexy about all the small changes that you make and wonder if your spouse will notice.  You’ll have questions too.

    • Who is his new character?  
    • What is she going to be wearing?  
    • How is he going to surprise me?  
    • When I see her as her new character how am I going to feel?  
    • Did he go all out and really embrace his new role?  
    • Why is the idea of “meeting” my wife for the “first time” again turning me on so much?

Bring back some sexual tension and plan your Fling today!