We had the unique opportunity to be guests on a few podcasts and we wanted to give you quick access to the episodes.  We think you will love learning more about role-playing and how it can add some spice and vibrancy to your marriage!

We were lucky enough to be on Dan Purcell’s amazing podcast, Get Your Marriage On!  Click the link below to hear a little more about us and the concept behind Faithful Fling.  We talked all about how role-playing helped Katie get out of mommy mode and helped Jon get excited about date nights again!


We were also guests on the Sexy Marriage Radio Podcast with Dr. Corey Allen!  We had a blast and talked about how role-play dates and bringing novelty into a marriage can be a connecting experience!


I was excited to go an Instagram LIVE with Tammy Hill, LFMT.  Tammy is a licensed marriage and family therapist and sex therapist.  We talked about how important it is to stay playful in a marriage and about role-playing!


We hope you find these resources both helpful and informative!