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Why we created Faithful Fling!

We get asked all the time why we started Faithful Fling and the short answer is - we created the thing we wish existed!     Years ago when we first began to explore the idea of role-playing we wished there was something like Faithful Fling to help us along the...

Role-playing and the art of sexual tension.

Role-playing and the art of sexual tension. Did you know role-playing with your spouse is a natural way to re-introduce sexual tension in your marriage?   What do we mean by sexual tension?   Sexual tension is the feeling of excitement like when you were first...

Role-playing made easier with CHANGE NAMES option.

We know how excited you are when you receive your new role-play date every month but what happens if you don’t love the name for your new character?  It is as simple as clicking a button!We understand how important a name can be and that’s why we designed each Fling...

Routines are great, but they’re not great for your sexlife!

“Routines are great, but they're not great for sex!” As humans it is perfectly normal, safe and desirable to enjoy the comfort that having a routine brings to our lives.  Our bodies and minds crave routines and we often perform best when using them.  We are creatures...

How to Ask Your Spouse to Join Faithful Fling!

How should I ask my spouse to join Faithful Fling and role-play with me? Our first suggestion would be to have an open conversation with your spouse telling them your desire to role-play with them.  Tell them the idea turns...

Confidence and Compliments

Confidence is sexy. Compliments breed confidence. I am often asked what is your best advice you could give someone who wants to try role-playing? Two simple words:  Confidence and Compliments. We know that confidence comes from within.  Some internal belief...

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